One pair, two souls
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The Oybō creative Crew.

We started with this idea of a simple however untuned dream. And then, step by step, we have met other passionate people
that love details, the well-done work, and like to stay focused on smart projects. We're proud to share with them our real life,
both hard moments and joyfull days. Every time we exchange experiences and ideas, something better happens.
Long life to Oybō and to the crew.

Eusebia Lupu.

Oybō co-founder.
Creativity, press & untuned relationships.

Feet firmly on the ground. Part dreamer and traveller even if not going anywhere. I will always be respectful.

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Lionello Borean.

Oybō co-founder.
Creativity, design & untuned images.

I think it's all about passion. You listen, you see, you try, you discover some more. A continuos experience, made of lost luggages, following a personal geography. "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can (Bruce Lee)".

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Matteo Pretolani.

Untuned photo stylist & ambassador.

aka MICHAEL, aka G.A.V.E.T.T.A. Born on April 26th A.D. 1976. Course of study: Untuned and unorganic. Inexperty and proudly Self-Taught. "Honor your mistake as a hidden intention" - Brian Eno

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Mauro Mongarli.

Copywriter. The untuned words.

Drink, eat, sleep, wife, daughter, music, writing, shiatsu, sport, photography, decluttering. Ready, go.

TestiMongarli, Mauro's website


Luca Lanzoni.

World traveller & untuned Oybō model.

I write my bio day by day, listening at the people I love, taking care of them, growing up my unstoppable projects. Friendship and feelings are written on my skin.

Progetto Fede, Luca's FB page

Giulia Visani.

Inspiring tornado & untuned Oybō model.

Sleeping? Not my scene. I'm hyperactive by nature, my neurons just can't stop having ideas! I'm inquiring, electric, delicate but strong, tough but sensitive, a creative dreamer and... always hesitant, too: black or white?

Giulia's FB page

Simone Arena.

Untuned hurricane illustrator.

Full time half time illustrator. Gorizia. I like stracciatella ice cream: love to eat it damn fast to have that strange headache called "brain freeze".

Simone's blog


Vittorio Bustaffa.

Untuned shy illustrator.

"Vittorio proceeds like a man who is waiting, having the patience of a dream. He is finally silent, in order to listen to the pauses in the tale." (Francesca Brandes, curator)

Vittorio's website

Caterina Di Napoli.

Untuned dance steps.

Energy, sensitivity, passion, dedication: that's dance for me since I was eight years old. Because "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams (F.D. Roosvelt)".

DanzaCity, Caterina's website