Oybō Untuned Socks was born in 2011, in Padua, and is the first Italian brand of unmatched socks. Leader in this particular market, Oybō creates elegant, ironic and most importantly, unmatched socks.

Our goal is to give the possibility to wear an accessory with the desire to not take oneself too seriously, to emphasise the casual by colouring one’s daily life and supporting the uniqueness of every single person.

Oybō has no gender, no limits, no age and whether you are a doctor or a mum with a hippie spirit, a rocker or a banker, Oybō will know how to welcome and support your personality.


Oybō cares about guaranteeing high quality socks, that is why it selects yarns that are 95% composed of natural cotton and elastan fibres for an elastic and comfortable fit, without putting pressure on feet, ankles and calves. Precisely for this reason, Oybō socks can keep with you all day long and after the first washes they will loosen a bit: it’s normal and they will fit better anyway!


Oybō socks are 100% made in Italy, from the study of their design to the actual creation of the product. The stitching as well as the finishing are handmade and, before shipping, each pair passes through three different quality controls to guarantee you top quality socks.