We're the first.

Oybō Untuned Socks is the first brand of odd socks and leader of his niche market, with products proudly designed and manufactured in Italy. Established in Padua in 2011, Oybō makes elegant, ironic and above all, untuned socks: "One pair with two souls", one pair with two different yet coordinated socks.

It represents the desire not to take ourselves too seriously, to brighten up every day life and passion... and it all begins here.

Oybō loves to mix masculine and feminine, to emphasize accidents and to advocate the singularity of each personality. Whether you are a rocker or a banker, boyish or dandy, Oybō is at the crossroads of all roads.

95% Natural Fibre.

Oybō socks are made with cotton combined with elasthan, to guarantee an elastic product with no excessive pressure on your feet, ankles and calves.

This way Oybōs can be worn all day long in full comfort. After washing they will loosen a bit: it's normal - they will fit better anyway!

Manufactured in Italy.

All our socks are designed and manufactured in Italy. Sewing and finishing are handmade and, before being sent, every pair must pass a three stage quality control process.

No feet are harmed during all design and production processes.

Care instructions.

Please follow these care instructions:



We love our socks and people who share the same feel good vibe they give us.

Comments and feedback are welcome, and we'll do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible.

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