Not just “mismatched”, they were actually created
with their own personality to complete each other.
“Untuned” is everything far from obvious and ordinary.
Oybō, the first brand of untuned odd socks.

Background image


Polpo interlude

A choreography by Caterina Di Napoli (danzacity.org) to celebrate Oybo Polpō.
Polpo is the Venetian word for “octopus”. His many legs are the inspiration to create a pack of patterns for Oybō Untuned socks you are free to match randomly.


People wearing Oybō socks are proud of their untuned side. They become friends and, in everyday's life, Oybōs are the chance to tell stories, to start conversations and friendships. They inspire happiness.
This is our friendship's wall: shots by Oybō untuned friends from all over the world. Send us your pics and we'll be happy to publish them here.